Thursday, March 11, 2010

Carson's Story

Age 9

Arnold Palmer Medical Center & Shands Children’s Hospital

Carson was the epitome of perfect health until his pediatrician discovered a large mass in his abdomen during a routine visit. He received the diagnosis at Arnold Palmer Medical Center: Stage IV neuroblastoma.

Within four days, Carson started six rounds of chemotherapy using a hard-hitting, multi-drug regimen. Following his fifth round of chemo, Carson had surgery to remove his left adrenal gland, left kidney and the remnants of the original tumor—all on his sixth birthday.

After the chemo treatments at Arnold Palmer Medical Center, Carson was admitted to Shands Children’s Hospital where he started treatments for a stem cell transplant. Following the stem cell treatment, Carson underwent three weeks of radiation.

Following the treatments at Arnold Palmer Medical Center and Shands Children’s Hospital—both Children’s Miracle Network hospitals – Carson is considered NED: No Evidence of Disease. This brave young man has shown people how to stand up and fight when the odds are against them and to never give up.


  1. Hi my name is Tiffany Chorney. I am Carson Chorney's mom. Carson was chosen to be the Walmart Champion child for the state of Florida. We feel so blessed to be given this opportunity to represent Children's Miracle Network.

    On Wednesday May 12 our family and extended family were picked up in a Limo and driven to Walmart Superstore in Sanford, Florida.
    We were greeted by many Walmart representatives and the Cheerleaders for Orlando Titans. That morning they announced Carson as the Champion child for Children's Miracle Network. Our family was so excited. Carson felt like a star. What a wonderful experience.

    As part of the program our family will have the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. the first part of June. Each state will send a representative to share their story and spread the message that lives are better because of the work taking place at children's hospitals. We will meet with political officials to express the importance of Children's Miracle Network.

    More updates to come. Thank you for the support!!

  2. Last week Carson was invited to Sams Club in Casselberry to talk about his experience with cancer and the Children's Miracle Network. The employees at the store were so wonderful. Our hope was that hearing Carson's story would help them want to raise money for CMN. We always think that if more people knew what all the Children's Miracle Network does for families and hospitals they would receive so much more funding and support. No one likes to think about their child being sick, having a disease or being in an accident but when these things happen we realize how grateful we are to organizations like these.

    On a lighter note we have 4 days of school left til summer. So excited!!